Stair Tread Rugs – Compulsory Guide

Stay in a double storey house? One of the important areas you should concern is staircase. You should not ignore this part as this medium helps to connect upper and bottom part of your house. There are different styles of staircases, for example circular, free-standing, single-open-under, straight etc. The latest interior design plan recommended lots of ways to decorate the staircase and one of the best is actually treat it with rugs. We called this rug as stair tread rugs.

Why stair tread rug, indeed? Actually these pieces help to enhance the warm touch and styles to the staircases. The most important role is it prevents slips for you and your family members, even pets and invited guests. For more and not least, the rug is able to cushion the stairs for extra comfort. It protects your feet of abrasive and coarse. In another word the non-skid stair tread rugs keep every step safer devoid of sacrificing style.

Which type of stair tread rugs set you should consider? Put your priority into choosing the rug that was developed of quality materials and finishes. This is to ensure the rug is staying longer on your staircase. For example the high quality olefin rug should be your choice where this item is recognized lasting and sustainable for long time. Others like sisal rug are also a great choice. In fact you found these rugs at many places other than residential homes like hotels, boutiques, spas etc. Other than the surface material, the rug should be supported by non-slip latex backing. This setting is important to prevent slips and spills. Others like anti-static, sound-absorbing, fire retardant etc are also the features that you should concern before include them to your shopping cart.

Everyone is concerning about the design of the stair tread rug and I’m sure you’re part of them. For sure the design of the rug will affect the scenery and environment of the space. For example the braided stair tread rugs are principally the choices for rustic or country home decor. In compares with that the bright colored rugs like pink stair tread rugs and lime green stair tread rug is the choice for nursery or women’s boutique. Use your sense to pick the best that fits your space.

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