Shop for Pineapple Rugs

A pineapple rug is as glamour as any other country style rug. The point is the rug is refreshing and bright where to spark your space. Previously people recognized this rug as kitchen rug where pineapple is a type of fruit and people automatically relates the rug to place for preparing the food, which is kitchen. Somehow this condition changed recently when more and more outstanding pineapple rugs are recommended to the market. These rugs are enhanced with art deco features like woven technique, pinch art, knitting etc. The image of pineapple of the rug also goes in different direction which not served only as food item. There were dogs with pineapple head, pineapple flower, pineapple motifs of tortoise and all kinds of incarnation. In lieu with this the rug is widen up its market, across border, for different countries throughout the world.

By the way, we still prefer original prints of pineapple rugs, don’t you? Let’s take a look at the rug offered by Novelty Kitchen where the rug is bringing you exclusive home feel. It makes you feel warm and cozy while enjoying your dishes. As far as concern versatile collection of pineapple themed rug for kitchen from Novelty is suitable for your kitchen. Indeed not only kitchen, for other rooms too. Different varieties of these rugs from different shapes, prints and sizes are open your eyes. Make sure you include one of these rugs to your kitchen right now.

Other than cool pineapple rugs from Novelty, the Milliken 7360C/4000 Signature Golden Topaz Palm and Pineapple Rug is also another great option which you could never miss it.
The rug is very refreshing and entertaining. This bright tone of rug is a mistake-less message of welcoming since earliest century. As far as concern the rug is perfectly decorated and present as one of the most shining character to your kitchen as to your overall home decor. Your kitchen will get instant bright when you place this rug in. For materials part, it made of 100% acrylic. Thus the rug comes with quality canvas backing. For measurements, it measured with 3′ x 3′. Somehow the rug needs a little bit care where we think professional cleaning is needed from time to time.

The final pineapple rug you should really consider is Achim Printed Braid Pineapple Rug. The rug is braided perfectly and finished under perfect craftsmanship. Indeed the exterior part of this piece is containing 100% Olefin. Thus the inner part of the rug is consisting of braid core 50%, polyester, acrylic 20% as well as cotton 25%. For care wise, only spot cleaning is allowable.