The Peacock Rug & Room designs

Peacock is the king of bird and the image of peacock is live in the hearts of everyone. As far as concern many people admire peacock, especially girl as they hope they can be as beautiful and grandeur as peacock. The designer is also inspired by the beauty of peacock. Each body part of peacock is giving the ideas for designer to invent an art. Many items are developed to imply peacock like peacock dress, peacock chair, peacock handbag, peacock wall art. Today our topic is about one of the most famous peacock products, which is peacock rug.

A peacock rug is beautifully adorning a place. There were two room designs that suits for this rug. Firstly peacock room décor where peacock rug might be the main character for this whole décor. Then the second one is the elegant room design where peacock rugs are enhancing the luxurious feel for a room.

The first type room design was peacock centered where peacock units are massively display in a room. For example the room is first embellished with obvious peacock wall art. Then at the center of the room you find large peacock blue rugs. For not least but more peacock furniture were inserted like peacock colors of sofa set, peacock feather swivel as well as peacock prints of display cabinet. This “extreme” peacock room design is more for displaying; however it does applied for the room of people who mad about peacock. The peacock rug is the main character in this case where it taken 1/3 spaces of a room if peacock area rug is chosen.

The second room type is much universal where classy and luxurious room setting and design is applied and peacock rug is the second character. Usually room that painted in navy blue, dark green or purple will consider for peacock rugs. This is due to the earliest three colors are forming peacock body colors. The purple décor especially is matches almost 75% of peacock. Different peacock rug was chosen like the one with hand knotted wool as well as silk sculptured surfaces. Somehow peacock rug care is important to ensure the piece last longer with you. Choose the one that is easy to clean and as manageable as it can. If you not sure how to clean the rug, can send it to professional rug cleaner, they are able to complete this task for you. All you need is to spend a little bit of budget.

More charms of peacock print rug, the choices are yours to choose the best that fitting your place. Nonetheless no matter for what time and what year, the rug is able to fit any décor, contemporary or vintage.