Braided Rugs: The Making & Its Characteristics

A braided rug is developed of yarn or fabric braids. As far as concern these braided yarn and fabric are looped and stitch together to form the rug. The rug was developed in different shapes like round, oval, rectangular and square; however oval shapes of braided rugs are more common. The history of crafting braided rugs was started since 17 century in New England and it slowly spread over to other countries like Asia and Middle East. The art of developing these rugs was recognized widely as people loved these patterns of tugs from a generation to another. In lieu with that, please appreciate the oval braided rugs in your hand now, it is the essential art piece that witness the history.

The Making

The earlier braided rug was assembled by hand. Thereby each rug is niche and unique. The rug was developed of different materials types of yarns and fabrics like wool yarns and cotton yarns. Different material types of yarn are producing different features of these rugs. Thereby the rug is charged differently to its material, means material is the main factor that determining the value of a braid rug piece. For example cashmere wool braided rugs are much expensive than cotton country braided rugs.


Let’s understand a little bit about the characteristics of these rugs. The rug usually is hard wearing, thick and reversible. Moreover it is easy to maintain, pretty easy to care for. The rug comes with firm and rigid construction where this makes them a little bit bulky but reasonably heavy. Somehow the rug is easily settled when you leave them lie flat. Unlike other rugs like rag rugs, the braided rug will not easily get wrinkle and screw up. It stayed steadily at a place, stagnant and stable.

The rug like American Country braided rugs are the perfect piece for country style décor. It comes with excellent temperament and charisma. The piece is able to team up with any country style furniture like farmhouse table, log bench etc. Moreover it suits with many types of country style living homes. These pieces are the soft underfoot that make you feel comfortable and cozy. You can place it in whatever rooms, for example inside your bedroom, entrance hall, walkway or kitchen.

Where To Get Good Quality Braided Rugs? Before you find out the right channel to obtain these rugs, make sure you identify your requirements on the rug. Don’t simply choose and buy the rug after approached by cute shop assistant. First you need to identify the purpose of buying the rug, for example you might need it for your nursery. Next please make sure what types of braid rug you are looking for. You need round braided rugs or rectangular braided rugs? Then fix your budget on the rug, don’t go beyond there. The final thing you should remind yourself before buying the rug is to require tips on how to care of the rug from the supplier. You need the guide if you hope the rug can stay longer with you.