Contemporary Area Rugs

Rug is made of different types of materials, includes natural and synthetic material. The natural material includes animal wool or plant fibers like seagrass, jute and cotton. The man-made material is covering synthetic fiber like nylon, polypropylene, acrylic etc. As far as concern natural material rug is much expensive than the synthetic material one. However the popularity of synthetic rug is not lower than the natural fiber rug.

There were different types of rugs like kitchen rugs, area rugs, table runner, bathroom rug, game rug etc. Thus the rug is offered in different styles, includes antique, contemporary, shabby chic, fusion etc. Somehow today our focus in on contemporary area rugs which is the rug that matches with modern room décor. As such if you plan to add something to your room, the contemporary area rug is the choice.

Which type of contemporary area rugs popular recently? It is hard to justify where many designs of rugs are recommended. Plus there were plenty of cheap contemporary area rugs which are making you confuse on which one to buy. Each one of them is not only competing with the design, but also the prices. The Radiance Brown Rug and Contemporary Ivory Rug from Spectrum Collection for example, are the two that best fitting this statement.

Animal Print

The animal print contemporary area rugs like zebra print rug, leopard print rug and giraffe print rug are the exotic pieces that enhance the safari look of your room. You can match these rugs with animal print furniture. For example if you are designing your bedroom in zebra print, then get along the zebra area rug with zebra print wardrobe, zebra bed as well as beautiful zebra print bedding accessories like comforter, bed sheet, pillow shams and blanket.

Floral Print

The floral print area rug like tulip print, lily print and rose print area rugs is the beautiful and sophisticated unit that enhances the warmness and coziness of a place. The rug is able to make a space looks genuine, lovely and warm. In another word this design of contemporary area rug is able to make your space feel homely. You absolutely feel secure and happy by walking, sitting and resting on these designs of rugs. Floral print area rug is also one of the favorite modern rugs by the designer. It presents perfectly to any interior, especially interior for living homes.

Stripe Print

The stripe print area rug can presents in modern and antique styles both. By the way the modern stripe area rugs played on its color combination. For example teal stripe match with brown stripe and formed stunning area stripe rug for modern décor. Thus there were tone colors of stripe prints contemporary area rugs where these rugs are used to create harmony feel for a space. Additionally the extreme color combination of stripes print rug like lime green pink rug is also creating striking image for a room.