Three Little Known Facts About the Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom is one of the grimiest areas in home. Thereby insists of maintaining the general hygiene standard of your living area, make sure you know how to keep it clean, tidy and presentable. No one is willing to see their bathroom full of dirt and nasty. Thus no one is hopping they themselves or the guests fall down in their bathroom due to the slippery floor which caused by the soap and detergent bubbles. In lieu with this learn how to maintain your bathroom from now.

The Placement

To maintain the hygienic customary of your bathroom, bathroom rug played an important role. The rug usually placed at two areas in the bathroom which is the entrance as well as the food step after you come out from bathtub. Somehow there were people who placed the rugs closed to the shower area. The placement of bathroom rugs and mats also are depending on other factors like the size, setting, design etc of the bathroom. For example large bathroom rugs are required for larger sizes of bathroom where more waters were soaked into the rug. Likewise small to medium size of bath rug is needed for limited space of bathroom where this happened to be seen in many urban apartments and condos. The rug needs to be clean from time to time, at least twice in a month to ensure it does not getting moldy and spoil faster. Somehow if you don’t clean the rug after several weeks, the rug will end up full of unpleasant odor. The musty smell from the rug will make people leave bad image to your living space, not only the bathroom.


There were cheap bathroom rugs around and these rugs were presented in different shapes, sizes, patterns as well as materials. The round bathroom round for examples is the preferred rug for small size bathroom. However our suggestion to you is to get the one that is able to last longer with your bathroom. In spite of buying cheap bathroom rugs sets that costs you 10 bucks, which only last for 30 days in your bathroom; it is always better to get the one that make you pay only extra 5 bucks which last another many more 30 days. Make yourself the wise consumer before deciding which bathroom rug to be included inside your shopping cart. However the choices are always there for helping you for finding the right rug for your bathroom. Spend a little bit time by surveying around and you will get the best deal for sure.

How To Clean?

To maintain the condition of bath rug, there were several instructions you need to follow. First of all you can eradicate the stubborn stains and dirt on the rug by using cleaning brush. Pour some detergents on the spot stain area before you put them inside the washing machine. You should wash the rug itself only without mixing it with other item like curtains and clothes. To ensure the rug will be washing thoroughly, turn the machine mode to full load. Remember to put the rug in the sideway of the washer. You can get the first round drying of the rug by transferring it to the dryer. Nonetheless the rug might not be drying completely. Therefore you still need to take out the rug from the machine and dry it under the direct sunlight for several hours.