Butterfly Rugs For Kids

A butter fly rug is a great addition for home; at the same time the piece is also a fun loving piece for your kid’s room. Somehow not only home, the piece is needed at places like nursery and kindergarten. Some of these rugs are come with education in nature and it helps for the learning progression of kids. Therefore the rug is constructed and developed in different prints and cooperating with different alphabets, music note as well as for stories. Here are four which I think will enhance your knowledge and understanding about the rug.

Butterfly Garden Lime Rug
This rug is come under “The Rug Market Girls Rugs Collection”. It is offered for girls of all age’s ranges. The rug is developed of solid cotton and weaved by loop pile. The piece is able to offer the comfort and protection for your feet. You got three options to go, to choose from wool, acrylic and soft cotton styles. Likewise this butterfly rug is available for three sizes, yet 2′ 8″ x 4′ 8″ and 4′ 7″ x 7′ 7”.

Rug Market Flowers and Butterflies
Here come another great series of butterfly rug from Rug Market Collection. Same as the earlier one, this piece is made of cotton loop pile and also rayon. Besides, the piece is strengthening with canvas back. As far as concern the canvas back is to make sure the rug is longevity in use and ensure the durability of these rugs. It is available in three sizes too, yet 2.8′ x 4.8′ and 4.7′ x 7.7′. This beautiful piece is adding lots of shade and flair for your room. If you already bought one butterfly comforter set for your kids, then the next step is to get this piece to his or her room.

Rectangle 123 ABC Butterfly Rug
These colorful and sophisticated butterfly rugs are the perfect addition for your living home. There are total in ten the butterflies and make up the series of numbers and alphabets. In fact it is the best learning source for kids. The rug is come with antimicrobial protection. Thus it is also come with first class fire code. The rug is also come with satin protection and rich with lifetime anti-static fibers. Meanwhile this rug is also finished with double stitches serge edges and assisting in all allergic and particle controlling. You can place the rug at any corner of your kid’s room as it will not cause any harm for help. Moreover it is good for your kid’s education too.