The Best Butterfly Rugs Around


Butterfly rug is one of the most unique and one of its kind area rug for decoration purposes. There are many types of animal print or shape area rugs in the market. It is very common to see zebra or leopard print rugs but butterfly rugs are suitable for those who like something unique and a little bit different. There are many types of butterfly rug available in the market. Some is suitable for your children bedroom, while others can fit perfectly into any part of your home such as your bedroom or guest hall. Here are some of the most interesting and beautiful type of butterfly rugs you can choose from.

This is the black and cream butterfly print rug. Its monotonous color and art deco butterfly design represents elegance and rustic type of home decoration. It is made from 100% wool and measure about 3 x 5 feet. It weighs about 2 pounds and 8 inches thick. This type of rug is suitable for those who prefer country home décor.

The Glitterfly Butterfly Rug is made from 100% high quality nylon. It is also bacterial and stain resistant. The rug is very durable and meets the federal flammability standards. It consists of pretty butterfly with floral design and the colors are very bold and outstanding.

The purple butterfly kids rugs is one of my favorite rug. The design is very beautiful which consist of star, love and butterfly. It comes in purple, pink and yellow colors and the combination of colors are just magnificent and wonderful. It is an amazing addition to your children room. The rug measures about 105cm X 135cm. It is made from durable 100% acrylic material with thick cotton backing. It is very easy to clean and maintain.

Cheetah Bedroom – Rug Selection

Cheetah bedroom theme is hot recently when more and more celebrities told the society that their bedroom is designed under this decoration theme. Even the reputable interior designers are also crazy about cheetah bedroom decor. The decor theme is rocking the market thereby more cheetah design bedroom items were produced and offered to the market. One of the best items you should include to your shopping list is principally a piece of marvelous looking cheetah print rug. However there are also other designs of rug that will compliment the cheetah decor. Which rug will you choose if you’ve decided to design your bedroom in cheetah theme? Here are some constructive choices.

Cheetah Print Rug
For sure, your first choice should be a cheetah print rug. The piece is best complimenting the design and setting of cheetah bedroom. There are different styles and features of cheetah print rugs for your selection. For example for large bedroom, you can go for a cheetah print area rug where this item is principally the spot other than your cheetah print comforters and bedroom furniture. The rug is taking care of your floor as well as your feet. For small bedroom, cheetah rug runner is preferred where it is not taking many spaces as you can reserve it for other purposes. Include this rug as part of your cheetah bedroom decor now.

Fur Rug
There’s no wrong to include a fur rug under your cheetah bedroom decorating ideas. In fact it is a great idea. The fur rug is a great compliment for exotic interior theme such as cheetah theme. Which fur rug will become your choice? You can choose from range of fur rugs that are available in the market. Nonetheless most of the fur rugs available were constructed of faux fur, which is the synthetic fur. Somehow you’re advised to get the faux fur rug for few reasons. First, the faux fur rug is cheaper than the authentic fur rug. As such you can save some money for buying other bedroom items. Secondly you’re part of wild animal protection member if decided to buy the faux fur item. This action helps to save the earth.

Black Rug
Bring in a black area rug to your cheetah design bedroom. This rug is versatile to any decoration theme, includes cheetah theme. However please ensure your other bedroom items are in bright colors, particularly yellow. This is to balance up the color combination of the room. For example, to use a black fur area rug, you should look for cheetah print bedding item that is having more yellow spots than black spots.